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#1 2021

#1 2021

03058, ,
. , 29-, 9
./: (+38044) 490-74-99
. (+38044) 490-74-30
E-mail: info@chipnews.com.ua


Director of the Edition:
Kurayev P.P.

Sirych A. V.
E-mail: editor@chipnews.com.ua

Deputy editor-in-chief:
Stetsyuk L. V.
E-mail: verstka@chipnews.com.ua

Editorial board:
Baginskaya E.M., Kabanov O.V.,
Makarenko V.V., Mysak T.V.,
Pravosudov P.V., Rentyuk V.K.,
Chornyy V.N., Shevchenko V.L..

Advertisement manager:
Oleschenko N. I.
E-mail: reklama@chipnews.com.ua

Distribution and subscription department:
Rudneva E. Y.
E-mail: peredplata@chipnews.com.ua

General contact:
03058, Ukraine, Kiev, 10, Vidradnyi ave.
Tel./fax: (+38044) 490-74-99
Tel. (+38044) 490-74-30
E-mail: info@chipnews.com.ua

5G and GNSS - how to fulfil the requirements of the next-generation connected car
In this free, 60-minute webinar, Quectel's Manfred Lindacher and Florian Bousquet explore some of the technologies we will see in the next generation of connected vehicles.

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